A dedicated Seeker of Light for over forty years, I have brought forth Atlantis Rising to help people of open mind and sincere heart acquire knowledge and understanding of the immutable spiritual laws and principles that govern all aspects of the physical realm and the higher ones as well. Of that knowledge and understanding, I would have them become masters of their own lives to the betterment of humankind and furtherance of the divine Cosmic Plan.
  • Fundamental spiritual precepts of Atlantis Rising
  • Jesus Christ taught that the concept of reincarnation was spiritual fact
  • The finite mind and understanding the Infinite
  • The profound difference between knowledge and belief
  • The spiritual purpose of so-called physical "reality"
  • The truth of Atlantis' seeming disappearance
  • Soul Awareness
  • How nearly anybody can easily learn how to "see" their own soul
  • Supplication to help one consciously link with their divine soul within
  • Spiritual duality of mind & thought
  • Non-seekers, many seekers (explanation & diagram)
  • Normal 'aware' seeker and non-seeker (explanation & diagram)
  • The Spiritual Bridge (diagram)

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