The Truth About the Disappearance of Atlantis

No cataclysmic event or smiting by a vengeful God caused the disappearance of Atlantis, the golden land of the gods. I know such theories make for good novels and such. But they lack any grounding whatsoever in truth.

All souls aspire to reach the mountaintop. And in time all will do so. But not one can descend down the other side while even a single remaining soul yet struggles to complete its own ascent up that mountain. When the very last soul becomes one with the others atop the mountain, their sphere of physical reality, the valley they had all endured so long and ascended from, will no longer possess a spiritual reason for being. And it shall cease to be.

That is precisely what happened to Atlantis. It was a society like no other of its time. It was like no other before it. It remains unrivaled to this very day. All of its highly enlightened souls, incarnate and discarnate as well, had evolved beyond any need for Atlantis to continue on. It simply no longer had a spiritual reason for being. And thus, in an instant it simply vanished, ceased to exist in terms of the rest of the physical plane. And that is why, prognostications of Edgar Cayce and current theories of misguided Atlantis hunters aside, it will never be found.

That is not to say its essence will not reappear. Or take on physical presence anew. No, not at all. The spirit of Atlantis is very much alive on this plane and at this moment is bringing forth the means for re-creating much of that great Atlantis of bygone days. Right down to an island society, no less, composed of incarnate Atlantean souls and others with a common vision of and the blessings of Spirit for shifting the entire plane for the good of the Divine Spiritual Plan.

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