Mind & Thought Duality: Non-seekers

All souls by the very nature of their truth and essence exist in a perpetual state of sentient oneness amongst themselves. Often based upon common incarnate experiences together and such, they communicate with one another all the time within the higher realm of Spirit.

When a person lacks a true and meaningful spiritual self-awareness of the soul within, you have the situation depicted above. The souls interact on the spiritual plane. Their incarnate vehicles of expression on this plane interact down here by means of the five physical senses.

This is the manner in which the greatest portion of mankind by far knows the process of human interaction. But there is a better and much more wonderful way available to all for partaking of that same interaction on a daily level.

Enter the spiritually aware Seeker of Truth, those with souls evolved enough to make their intuitive guidance and blest presence understood and hearkened unto by the persons in which they are incarnate on this plane. To them falls the magic, wisdom and grandeur of the past. As well as Spirit's promise for the future in a way which affords them, each and every one as an individual, the chance to make the whole world better for all humankind. From the echoes of an Atlantis long now passed on and silent arises the voices of its reborn Seekers of Truth.

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