Mind & Thought Duality: Seekers of Truth

When a seeker enjoys interactive conscious oneness with their divine soul presence within, they come to perceive others on this plane as depicted in the above graphic. Unlike in the previous example, the adept seeker will enjoy the added perspective afforded them by beholding another as their own soul would do via its innate communicative bond with that other person's soul. Therein lies the ability to always see another person's truth in a much more clear and meaningful light than possible using only the limited five physical senses.

It is such perception that ofttimes causes one to reflexively draw back from someone just met for the first time having picked up so-called "bad vibes," regardless how that other person actually communicated with them or approached them on this plane during that initial encounter. The commonly voiced saw that "bad vibes never lie" is most indeed grounded in sound spiritual truth and understanding. Experienced seekers routinely 'read' all people about them on the basis of their 'vibrations'.

Even persons devoid of true spiritual soul self-awareness often undergo the same experience. They do so simply because their souls try to get the needed truth through to their conscious minds, but are only able to do so to the extent that such prodding makes those people feel uneasy inside over another person for some vague, unexplainable reason.

But it is not with the non-seeker that we are truly concerned here in such regards. No, it is with the truly enlightened seeker who knows the precious wonder and benefit of beholding those about them with the added advantage of perception garnered from those persons' very souls via their own souls within.

Within the grasp of all such seekers lies the ability to directly shift others and this plane using higher forces via an arcane Atlantean-age spiritual art that yet to this day stands without peer in the area of the Mystical Arts. It is an art that, upon its mechanics being explained, will seem more than obvious to the learned seeker. Yet I would hazard to aver that, with the exception one other person I have thus far shared its secrets with, there is no seeker alive today employing it routinely and purposefully besides me.

Through Atlantis Rising here I intend to change all that. That art of our esteemed ancients is what on Atlantis was known as the 'Spiritual Bridge.' I now extend it forth unto all of my own kind having souls evolved enough to use it to its fullest potential in furtherance of the Divine Spiritual Plan.

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