The Spiritual Bridge

The diagram above depicts a spiritual bridge. Its employment is most simple indeed. But of paramount import is the fact that it must be consciously invoked as such by you.
You first must define and clearly set forth whatever you would have the other person consciously acquire as Knowledge or Truth via the bridge. That is passed from your soul to the other person's soul on the spiritual plane. That sets up the bridge.
You then convey verbally or by written word that very same aforesaid Truth to the other person on the physical plane. That invokes or completes the bridge. By virtue of the immutable working of 'Like Attracts Like' that Truth comes to permeate the totality of that person's conscious and subconscious physical mind.
Simple on its face, to be sure. But it must be consciously set up and then invoked for what it is. If either step is ignored, it cannot and will not work. There is more I shall soon set forth here regarding the Spiritual Bridge, but the above is sufficient for the nonce. Enjoy.

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