Infinite Truth & The Finite Mind

It is axiomatic in the study of both logic and philosophy that one cannot mentally conceive anything which, in its own right or the sum of its parts, requires mental/verbal imaging within that is beyond the scope of that person's vocabulary of the moment.

The entire process by which one acquires a personal working vocabulary, limited or extensive, takes places on a finite plane and within a finite time frame. And once acquired, it resides within a finite brain.

Any Seeker of Light fortunate enough to enjoy a conscious working rapport with their divine higher self or soul will have had the experience of acquiring an awareness and understanding of Truth through it that they are quite unable to put fully into words for the purpose of sharing it with others.

That is because the constraints of time and space, the defining parameters of our plane of physical reality, have no counterparts whatsoever on the high/inner planes that are the realm of Spirit or the soul. An understanding garnered at an inner level that knows not the constraints of time or space will often be one devoid of correlative reference points based upon the earth-plane experience of the finite physical mind in which that understanding has come to reside.

There is indeed much a sincere seeker can come to know through personal soul awareness that they will never be able to fully and accurately share with others. The foundation of the higher, spiritual planes is not one of so-called "things" like our physical earth plane is.

Their foundation is one of essences. No substance, no form, just essences. Like the essence of Truth. Or of Love. They can be sensed there, reveled in and savored there. A seeker can acquire much spiritual understanding and knowledge within by experiencing them there. Still, they will forever be unable to fully and accurately convey to others the true motive worth and beauty of such treasures harvested on the planes. Spirit only asks that one sincerely try their very best to do so.

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