Jesus Christ and Reincarnation

It is not my wish in any way whatsoever to use this site to bash Christians or knock Christianity. On the contrary, I have the utmost Love and Respect for the soul that was incarnate in Jesus Christ the man. I do, however, sorrow greatly at knowing the true teachings of that man/soul have for centuries been distorted. As a personal aside, I would like to note that I have discussed this topic with numerous conventional Christian ministers and Catholic priests over the years, and not a single one of them failed to admit they know Christ taught reincarnation.

It is an undeniable fact that Karma and Reincarnation were removed from the Christian Bible in 553 AD at the Second Council of Constantinople. Virtually any library in the world would contain numerous historically authoritative sources of what transpired at that council. The internet abounds with highly credible sites dealing with the early Christian church's cessation of teaching reincarnation at the aforesaid Council. Many of them are maintained by devout Christian scholars, as a matter of fact.

In a nutshell, Christ's doctrine of reincarnation was papally decreed heretical and unacceptable because its promulgation denied that very church's figureheads the power over the masses that they sought to possess. That is, if a soul did indeed have more than one shot at spiritual growth and evolution on this plane, then there was no great motivation for the impoverished peasant masses of the day to fatten church coffers with their meager monetary holdings.

Noteworthy to any person who does accept the principle of the soul's reincarnation is the logically irrefutable fact that Christ himself never taught about the one-shot Heaven & Hell concept so widely espoused by Western churches of today.

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