Knowledge & Belief

The difference between knowledge and belief is of paramount importance to all people, in any and all areas of the human experience. Very few people really do try to keep that difference in mind during the course of their day-to-day life experience. Admittedly, it is not an easy feat to accomplish. But the more one strives to never lose sight of the profound difference between knowledge and belief, the better off their life will be in all respects.

The profound nature of the difference between knowledge and belief can perhaps be best illustrated by exampling it in the extreme. For example, I know fullwell that Chicago, Illinois used to exist. I lived there. That Chicago once existed is knowledge I can rightly claim to possess.

I cannot, however, state with equal certainty that I know Chicago exists today. I certainly believe it still exists. I have no reason to believe it does not. I can rightfully say I hold the belief Chicago exists today. I believe it with all my heart. But do I know that to irrefutably be the case? Do I possess true knowledge of Chicago's continuing existence today? No. There is not one shred of logical, philosophical, or intellectual support for any claim I might make to to the effect thay O know Chicago exists today. Indeed, I do not make any such claim.

Granted, the above example illustrating the difference between knowledge and belief might seem, on its face, quite absurd. Yet every word is beyond any true intellectual reproach. I sought only to clearly example it. For in the pursuit of one's spiritual growth and evolution within, that very difference takes on a profundity mayhaps greater than in any other area of their life experience.

Knowledge is possession of Truth. One can believe anything. It might be true. And just as likely, it might be false. But nobody can know anything that is not Truth. Thus, the pursuit of Truth lies intrinsic within the pursuit of Knowledge. To be sure, they are not the same thing. Yet, it is impossible to separate them. The Truth must come first. Only then can one possibly achieve awareness of its possession within. That is the Knowledge.

For nearly 30 years I have sought to help fellow seekers come to acquire Truth regarding the teachings of the esteemed Ancients. In every instance I stressed that they take nothing I gave unto them as apparent Truth. Though I know some thought contrary, I was never infallible. Nobody is. No, each time I would bid one betake my words unto their own divine soul within in search of a yea or a nay. For one's indwelling soul alone must needs be the final arbiter as to what is and what is not rightfully beheld as Truth by them in matters spiritual.

For the seeker, acquisition of spiritual Truth is a most sublime and beauteous unfolding within. It gives them to behold more clearly and revere even more their own inner divinity. There is a well-known axiom to the effect that "God is Love." That is a literal truism if ever there was one. That "God is Truth" is not one scintilla less so. Truth is a force. It is no less one than Love. There is a motive, creative power behind both of them as the forces they be that is itself divine. For it is God manifest within.

When one quests for blest Truth, they stand to harvest Knowledge. And Wisdom, precious in its own right, is nought but the sage application of Knowledge acquired.

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