Spirit's Divine Law - "Like Attracts Like"

There is only one consideration in the quest for spiritual awareness and understanding that can rightfully be considered a law in the literal sense of the word. It is the Law of Like Attracts Like. It is the governing factor and fundamental basis of every single aspect of the physical plane and the higher realm of blest Spirit as well.

Like Attracts Like is inviolate. It is immutable. And it is, indeed, Spirit's only true law.

There is no valid spiritual concept of either 'good' or 'evil.' There is only 'positive' and 'negative.' Positive attracts positive. Negative attracts negative. Since nothing at the level of Spirit can be other than wholly positive, the latter Truth applies solely to the physical plane.

It is important when considering the application of Like Attracts Like on this plane that both positive and negative are factors determined solely by one's conscious, motive will. The positive or negative essence of any action is defined wholly by the nature of the will behind it, not at all upon the end result of that action.

Holding a positive thought shall attract positive forces into its holder's life sphere. A deed predicated upon positive will shall do likewise. The results of the obverse case are as equally inescapable: hold a negative thought within or commit an action founded upon a negative will, and you shall attract forces into your life-sphere that are negative.

Because positive and negative are fully opposite of one another in terms of their fundamental essence, they work in combination to cancel one another out within a given person's life sphere. The extent to which one's inner and outer life reality is of fulfilling, rewarding, and nurturing nature will be directly attributable to the final result of Like Attracts Like at work within their life.

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