Soul Awareness

For three decades I've made personal Soul Awareness the basis of all my one-on-one spiritual instruction to aspiring seekers who were moved to seek me out. Basically, that has been a two-fold process, neither of which is the least bit abstruse or time consuming. In coming to see your soul, you acquire true knowledge of its divine truth and presence within you. That Truth is a power on your behalf unto itself.

There are means whereby virtually anyone can not only learn to see their divine indwelling soul in the visually literal sense of the word, but to establish a precious and viable working conscious interactive rapport with that soul. The only times I've found the methods I'll be setting forth here not to work is when the one seeking to employ them approached Spirit with their quest being founded upon negative considerations such as the acquisition of power for its own sake and such.

Spirit bestows power upon no one. It invests no one with power. Through sincere, positive approach unto it via the divine indwelling soul within, it can and will, however, allow that selfsame soul to work seeming magic upon this plane by virtue of the spiritual power that is intrinsic to it and it alone.

Seeing the Soul

This is the method I personally used many years ago to first see my own soul and have since then suggested to those who would see their own. It will sometimes prove entirely successful the first time through. In some instances, it will take several attempts before it achieves the desired results. But, contingent upon what I said above with respect to the motivation behind attempting to use it, it should work for anyone.

Little preparation is needed. All that is necessary is a mirror, a chair or other support upon which one can be comfortably relaxed and see themselves in that mirror (4 to 6 feet from the mirror seems to work best), and a dimly lit room in which to employ the process. Ideally, the surroundings should be back lit with just enough light present to allow one to see their reflection in the mirror.

It is helpful to keep the mind as undistracted with irrelevant thoughts as possible, but certainly not necessary at all to make it 'blank' as though to practice meditation or the like.

Having gotten lighting and positional concerns out of the way, you need only make a conscious effort to keep your vision focused as unwaveringly as possible upon the unseen spiritual 'third eye' in your reflection, the middle of the forehead about an inch above the bridge of the nose.

Do not strain to maintain a clear image of where you vision is focused. On the contrary, just keep focused there and let your eyes relax, let them perceive wavelengths of light not elsewise discernible to the normal naked eye. Within a minute or less of doing as described, you should see a 'glow' beginning to encircle and expand about your head and shoulders. It will vary in intensity and hue, but will be clearly visible and distinct. It will not be fixed, but will flux and waver, sometimes shoot outward like a solar flare.

At that point what you are seeing is your aura, the spiritual force of life within you, the body, as it were, of your very own soul. Beholding your own soul thus becomes much easier and more quickly accomplished the more you employ the process.

Conscious Interaction with the Soul

Having come to literally know there is a divine eternal soul within you, the next logical step becomes establishing a working two-way conscious rapport with it. This is actually easier, if that's possible, than learning how to see your soul at will. It involves nothing more than a very simple, easy-to-remember supplication to the soul and realm of Spirit in which it comes forth unto you.

Read the following short supplication over until you have it pretty well memorized. While a word or two can often be switched or skipped and it will still have the desired results, it cannot be deviated from by much at all and still have any hope of working for you. And here it is...

"Oh Dear God, I love you.
Your healing white Christ-light within me warms me, heals me, and makes me whole.
It leads me unto the path of your all-righteous way.
Nothing but Good can come unto me.
Nothing but Good can go from me.
By your love, and through your grace, I am blessed.
I give thanks, oh God.
So be it."

When you think you've got it down pretty well, simply close your eyes, mentally focus upwards toward the location of your 'third eye' mentioned above, and say the words mentally, verbally as well if you want. At the finish of it (usually long before that, once you really get viable two-way communication established with your soul), you'll have made conscious contact with your soul. That you have successfully done so will be made readily apparent to you in one or another of common ways such things are conveyed from the planes. A commonly experienced sign you have attained success is a noticeable chill or shiver sensation running the length of your body from top to bottom.

At that point, just open yourself up to whatever guidance or understanding your soul would impart to you. If you would have it tend to specific matters for you down here in Spirit's name (help for a loved one in need or something), just inject that between the last two lines of the supplication above. Or you can add it following the whole thing and then finish that off with a "So be it" as well. Repeated use of the above supplication to all-loving Spirit is the best way I know of forging a deep and interactive personal relationship with one's divine soul within.

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