God, the Soul, and the Nature of Spiritual Evolution

There is no sentient, all-powerful Singular God or god-force that controls all things in what we perceive as the world and universe about us. That will sound heretical to many, I know.

To be sure, there initially was a sentient and omnipotent God. It was all that there was. That singular omnipotent god-mind now exists no more. It will, however, one day most certainly exist again as it did at the beginning.

God's original being, its subsequent dissolution, and the eventual return of its being in original form is what comprises God's "Divine Spiritual Plan." The mechanics of that divine plan can best be described as the 'principle of collapsing spiritual evolution.' Because this is perhaps the grandest possible conception or understanding of The Infinite one could hope to acquire, it would very likely be helpful for one to have already read my discussion elsewhere about "Infinite Truth & The Finite Mind" in order to best understand what is to follow in the context intended.

All souls possess much profound spiritual knowledge and understanding they would gladly share with the conscious minds of their mortal hosts or vehicles of expression on this plane. Oddly enough, those same souls will more often than not toss out such nuggets only in response to specific queries placed before them. I don't know why is so oft the case. I know only that it is.

Therefore, it is essential in the course of a seeker's quest for spiritual evolvement within that they formulate proper queries to pose to their souls within. I would have nobody take my following explanation of the mechanics of the aforesaid Divine Spiritual Plan literally in any way, shape or form. I advance it here only to assist seekers in discovering their own enlightenment within on what is the most fundamental of the Teachings of the Ancients.

The three stages of God's Divine Spiritual Plan
  1. God is. Sentient, omniscient, consummate Love. And alone.
  2. God is no more. The original divine godhead transformed itself into an infinite number of god-spark souls, each possessing its own unique individuality and sentience. That same godhead simultaneously gave birth to an all-encompassing "sea" of non-sentient spiritual force or Spirit. That Spirit became the common sea of spiritual energy/force in which all souls would swim, so to speak. What remained became, in most part, what man now beholds to be the physical universe. God, per se, was no more.

    This occurred as an instantaneous 'explosion' wholly beyond the ability of man to ever begin to fathom. Its aforementioned elements sped outward at a near-infinite rate of expansion. But that rate of expansion had to diminish. That cessation was a fundamental element of the Divine Spiritual Plan from the start.

    Actually, that expansion has already stopped. Many of today's physicists acknowledge that the physical universe, once thought infinite, does indeed appear to be contracting. By the same token, the sum of the parts of the original godhead are reversing course, collapsing back at an increasing rate toward the very source of their divine origin.

  3. God is again. Because any given soul was nought but an infinitesimal part of the initial godhead, each had intrinsic to it only a like degree of that original godhead's omnipotent power. As I discussed in "The Spiritual Purpose of the Physical Plane," reincarnation on this plane by individual souls has a well-defined purpose. Namely, evolvement of their spiritual attributes to the point that the entire physical plane becomes superfluous, unnecessary to both them and the Divine Spiritual Plan.

    At the instant of the original godhead's self-willed transformation into souls, Spirit, and all else that has ever been or will be, the process of reincarnating that selfsame godhead was initiated in accordance with the dictates of the Divine Spiritual Plan. The basic design of that Plan has been unfolding ever since, encompassing the many different and unique dimensions that make up what mortal man thinks of as physical reality.

    As man and devoted seeker, I stand forever in awe of the wondrous power of the Love which is driving the Divine Cosmic Plan toward its glorious divine culmination. That original godhead Love now exists in the form of the countless evolving god-spark souls populating the infinite realm of Spirit. Not one of those precious souls can conceive a greater joy than to totally cease to exist in its own right and become as one with all other souls in the ordained restoration of the original whole. It just doesn't get any better than that. It couldn't. Nothing could.

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